Ride the Tide

It is a very interesting time indeed to be in aquaculture! It continues to be the FASTEST GROWING FOOD PRODUCING SECTOR IN THE WORLD and it shows no signs of slowing down. Some fast facts about aquaculture are below.

– In the 1970s, aquaculture produced about 3 million tonnes of fish annually

– By 2012, world aquaculture production reached 66.63 million tonnes valued at USD 138 billion (farm-gate value)

– Aquaculture employs some 23 million workers, 16 million directly and about 6.5 million indirectly

– In 2012 the Asia–Pacific region continued to dominate the aquaculture sector, accounting for 88.5 percent of global production

Technologies are being introduced at breakneck speed throughout the sectors and opportunities abound. From culturing cold water sturgeons for their high priced caviar indoors in Abu Dhabi to floating orbs off Panama growing the mighty cobia, the sheer breadth of species being farmed and the amazing array of technologies used to culture them is truly staggering.

Even within Australia, our largest sectors are expanding including salmon, prawns, and barramundi.

Banks, investment corporations and venture capitalists are starting to take notice of aquaculture and are investing heavily.

You don’t have to take our word for it, please look through the links below for yourselves.

Abu Dhabi Sturgeon Farm

Panama Open Ocean Cobia Farm

Tasmanian Salmon Expansion

Prawn Farm Expansion – Project Sea Dragon

Pacific Reef Fisheries’ Guthalungra Prawn Farm Project

Aquaculture Investment



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