About LMC

LMC Training is a multidisciplinary company that has a specific focus on enhancing the global seafood industry. Operating out of the beautiful Sunshine Coast region in Australia, this allows easy access for travel throughout the continent while also at the doorstep of the global powerhouse of seafood – Asia.

Some FAQ’s

What is a Registered Training Organisation? LMC Training is a private Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO). All RTOs either public or private are registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). The vocational training system in Australia is highly regulated and only entities that have gone through the lengthy registration and ongoing quality assurance processes can deliver and assess under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). As registration allows them to deliver nationally accredited training and assessment in vocational areas that the RTO is registered to deliver. ASQA recognises RTOs as providers of quality-assured and nationally recognised training and qualifications. To view LMC training scope of registration please click here.

Only RTOs can:

  • deliver nationally recognised courses and accredited Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) VET qualifications,
  • apply for Australian, state and territory funding to deliver vocational education and training.

Private and Public RTOs, What is the difference? – All private RTOs are essentially private colleges or institutions. Some have a strong industry focus while others provide the bulk of their expertise for job seekers. Public RTOs such as TAFEs throughout Australia can have a mix of both commercial and job seeker training. The qualifications awarded by either public or private RTOs carry exactly the same weight in terms of recognition.

Can LMC Training deliver training internationally and award an Australian Qualification or statement of attainment? Yes, LMC Training can deliver training in any country in the world and are communicate with the national regulator about their international training schedules.

Can LMC courses Articulate into a further study such as a university? Yes – Courses such as the Diploma of Aquaculture may be used for recognition into tertiary studies and for credit. Each university has its own framework of recognising previous qualifications so please contact the institution to find out their policies.

Have our trainers had industry experience? Yes – All of our trainers has had a minimum of 5 years industry experience with most having over 10 years. LMC Engages high quality content experts and trainers to meet client needs. 

Does LMC do more than just training? Yes – The company has experience in many commercial areas of the seafood industry please scroll down the for industry menu on the homepage for more information.

Meet Mark Oliver – CEO LMC Training

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Mark Oliver is the owner/CEO of LMC Training and has been in the seafood industry for 30 years. He has over 12 years full-time experience in commercial aquaculture and over 18 years full-time experience in delivering targeted training for the seafood industry. Mark is passionate about the sustainable growth of the global aquaculture industry and firmly believes that this will be primarily driven by a quality human resource pool.

Mark has a Bachelor of Science (Honours), a Graduate Diploma in Education, a Diploma of Aquaculture and vocational training and assessing qualifications. He is also the vocational training and education theme leader for the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre, board member of the World Aquaculture Societies Asia Pacific Chapter, an International Specialised Skills Institute Fellow, North Queensland Trainer of the Year (all categories) and Certification Panel Member for the Sustainably Farmed Australian Barramundi Program. You can access Marks CV here



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