Industry Training

LMC Training Provides Workforce Development Solutions to the Global Seafood Industry

LMC Training has a demonstrated ability to engage with individual workplaces, species-specific associations or national organizations and assist them in achieving their productivity goals. 

Our skills base covers most sectors of the industry including:

  •  Aquaculture
  • Seafood Processing
  • Environmental Management
  • Seafood Sales and Distribution

LMC Training is a Results Driven Company

LMC Training is the preferred training provider for warm water aquaculture species farmed in Australia.  All pieces of training are designed and implemented to enhance workplace productivity, leading to maximizing the profit base of commercial enterprise.

Our Methods

LMC Training takes a 3-step approach to develop their programs

Step 1-Discuss the client’s operational plan or goals

Step 2 -Discuss the tangible key performance indicators used to achieve the plan

Step 3 – Undertake a skill and knowledge gap assessment and develop training and up-skill programs which are designed to meet workplace productivity goals.

We Are Accredited

LMC Training is a registered training organization that delivers training and assessment under the Australian Qualification Framework.  LMC Training develops and implements accredited programs to suite all levels of the commercial workforce, ranging from entry-level workers through to managers and CEOs.

Our Qualifications

LMC Training is a seafood-focused organization that delivers training and assessment in the following qualifications:

  • Certificate I, II, III, IV and Diploma in Aquaculture
  • Certificate III, IV, and Diploma in Seafood Processing
  • Certificate III and IV in Seafood Sales and Distribution
  • Certificate IV in Environmental Management

Other Training

A full qualification may not be suitable for some staff and workplaces which is why LMC Training offers tailor-made training in a range of areas including:

We Value Onsite, Hands-on Training

LMC Training has a large amount of experience in conducting onsite training for a range of commercial facilities.

We Have a Proven Track Record

Since 2011 LMC Training was successful in obtaining more than $1.9 Million (AUD) worth of agency funding to assist in the development and implementation of workforce development programs for the Australian seafood industry. LMC Training has a 100% success rate in workforce development tenders and applications. LMC has provided workforce development solutions to Australia’s largest prawn (shrimp) and barramundi (Asian sea bass) producers as well as numerous other aquaculture and post-harvest facilities.

Since 2011 LMC Training has had over 310 individuals from commercial seafood enterprises undertake a workforce development program.

We Are Here To Help

LMC is ready to assist companies around the globe to achieve their productivity goals. We will tailor solutions for each company that engages us. If you would like to start a discussion about how LMC Training can assist please contact us.

Remember, we have an excellent record of gaining funding to assist with training programs in workplaces.

A copy of the LMC Training Capacity Statement can be found here.



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