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August – LMC Training and Venture Farms Start Aquaculture Courses in Singapore

After signing an MOU in July, Jimmy Lim from Venture Farms and Mark Oliver from LMC Training have been working hard to develop some short aquaculture courses to be delivered in Singapore. The first two courses that have been announced are an Introduction to Aquaculture short course and a Recirculating Aquaculture Systems short course. To be held on the 6-7th and 8-9th of October in Singapore, these short sharp courses are intense training experiences with a goal to give the learner maximum information and skills development at a reasonable enrolment fee. The courses now have two major sponsors – The Institute of Aquaculture Singapore and the Institute of Engineering Technologies Singapore. Expressions of interest have been rolling in from all corners of the world and are expected that the short courses will reach their capacity very soon. Please go to for more details.

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July 2014 – Condabilla Fish Farm Warms Up Indoors For a Business Workshop

Condabilla Fish Farm located near Chinchilla, Queensland, Australia has had one of their coldest winters for quite a while. Although not perfect conditions for growing their flagship product, Murray Cod, it did give them some time from their very busy schedule to come inside for the day and undertake a business planning and business operations workshop conducted by Mark Oliver at LMC Training. The feedback from the day was very positive even from the technical guys such as Daniel Kearns who said he enjoyed the day and he felt he was a lot more engaged than he thought he would be. Six key staff at Condabilla Fish Farm have been undertaking the Diploma of Aquaculture through LMC including the farm’s owners Rob and Tamara Bartley. As a result of the course, some new management practices have been implemented which will ultimately assist in the productivity of the business.

Rob Bartley, farm owner wrestling with one of his prized Murray Cod

Rob Bartley, a farm owner, wrestling with one of his prized Murray Cod

June 2014 –  Memorandum of Understanding Signed Between LMC Training Pty Ltd & Venture Farms Pte Ltd

On June 18, 2014, an MOU has been signed between Jimmy Lim of Venture Farms and Mark Oliver of LMC Training. The purpose of the MOU was to develop frameworks for the shared provision of services pertaining to accredited aquaculture training within the boundaries of Singapore and other regions arising from mutual consent. It was agreed that both companies will actively implement a range of marketing strategies in order to deliver accredited (or otherwise) training within Singapore. Once programs are developed from existing or new training material they will be delivered by both the owners of LMC Training and Venture Farms or by other parties/individuals as mutually agreed.

Venture Farms is a multi-disciplined company that delivers specialist service to the aquaculture industry and it’s owner Jimmy is now the president of the Institution of Aquaculture Singapore. Mark Oliver from LMC Training said that: “The MOU will be a perfect fit for aquaculture training in Singapore and beyond. Jimmy is an excellent facilitator at projects like this and has demonstrated he can make training aquaculture training happen in Singapore by his highly successful biofloc technology course undertaken in September 2013. LMC looks forward to fostering a great working relationship with Jimmy and Venture Farms.”

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